Draw mohammed day Draw mohammed day Illustrations or photos of mohammed?There is 'em.I did not draw them, but i've got them and i'm sharing these you.Pray for my safety from a vengeful allah and muslim faith based extremists. Now might be a great time for me to follow the advice of pascal's wager.I'm not worried about the nonexistent eternal hell of mythology, or the wrath of any package of a psychotic god, but his followers are a worry. Norris was a unique protestor that sparked everybody.She has disclaimed any intent that it should have blossomed into lots of people doing the same principal she did, distanced herself from the movement she inadvertently started, and has made conciliatory overtures to the muslim marketplace. Here is a sample of the doodles she produced on her website which started it through, and becomes clear they appear pretty cute and harmless. "How dare you work for my prophet as a domino, On the whole funny stuff.Folk.Bananas. South park conflict(How remarkable)On april 14th the 200th event of the south park show aired on comedy central.The irreverent creators of the irreverent show matt stone and trey parker wanted to make a move special to celebrate the momentous occasion.The idea they developed more information was to have back on their show several of their previous"Guest looks"Integrating jesus, buddha and after that moses. Frankly it could have been rude of them to leave out mohammed. To avoid offending people muslims mohammed was kept locked in a u haul for the better an area of the show, and only finally released under the covering costume of a quite rotund and big headed bear.As a consequence not even the shape of the image of the prophet of islam was shown. They were actually being quite understanding of the islamic mandate against images of their prophet.Your, they often declined to draw his image in their shows, having previously there him as hiding behind a tree or else wise avoiding an actual bodily image of the islamic founder. But some muslims did not love anyway, and further felt that south park's interpretation of their prophet was an insult.So movement muslim member abu talhah al amrikee posted a commentary on it, while the statement"We have to warn matt and trey that what they certainly is stupid, and they would probably wind up like theo van gogh for airing this show.It is not a threat, but a warning of view of what will likely happen to them, Theo van gogh was a dutch filmmaker who caused a group condemning the oppression and abuse of women in some islamic societies.Van gogh produced a documented about it, and appeared dead, murdered by christian extremists. Censorship and freedom of speechal amrikee of revolution muslim seems to say that such oppressive and murderous behavior to expect from muslims.Make no error, he is doing.Revolution muslim is a small but radical ny city based anti semite, fundamentalist selection.They're so blatantly extreme that some in the muslim community say they suspect the group offers plants paid to make muslims in the us look dangerous and jihadist.The group openly shows a"Around the globe jihad movement, and they pass out literary mastery at new york mosques. Folks at comedy central took the warning really, as well as the 201st episode which also featured mohammed they chose to exert their censorship powers.Parker and stone were unhappy with it, particularly over the censorship of a speech at the end of the show which Pandora Charms Shop say promoted peace, patience and unity.Something like that. Cartoonist molly norris drew her images in a reaction to comedy central's censorship of the episode, but as mentioned above has since bowed out.It is unclear if she started the may 20th each person or not.Reports have told me that she did, but she turns down it. Another group hijacked the website of revolution muslim for awhile, redirecting visitors images of mohammed drawn admittedly in rather poor taste.At least one muslim woman i stumbled upon told me she believed jews were behind the everybody movement. Regardless the idea was picked up and run with, especially on a facebook page.The everybody page at my last check yesterday evening afternoon may 20th had over 103, 000 fans and roughly 11, 000 viewer handed over depictions of mohammed.As i seen the portrayals come in, i couldn't take care of the incoming submissions. Most simply called for the product of western freedoms, expressly the freedom of speech, expression and as a single person put it"The liberty of sketch, I asked choice from several artists to re use their mohammed day art, and a lot of those who have replied so far readily agreed.Several did prefer i post their art credited only to mysterious, some provided pseudonyms, nonetheless others said they weren't scared and insisted that i use their real names. I myself am certainly writing under a pseudonym.But, my home is the rural south.Which i write under a pseudonym. One fellow in the first place agreed, asking me to regain it anonymous, following which it later in the day changed his mind.My story isn't about islamic extremists, but about national freedom of speech. Numerous portrayals of mohammed were very well done and beautiful actually.Detailed sketches of a well proportioned bearded and turbaned arab, the many lines and angles in the prophet's face, dessert phone.I wish i'd had time to examine more of them. It was a reception of art, the particular stick figures, profanities, obscenities and show porn.The best came together along with people with no talent with art or know how and drew expressions of defiance against oppression.Many of the images depicted a universal idea, a growth beyond Cheap Pandora Charms the fears of religion and the limits it places a concern. The everybody submissions came from around the world.Denmark, portugal, belgium, sweden and amsterdam for you to say, the uk, south usa, quotes, even from philippines came pictures of mohammed.It was a general moment, peacefully and lovely done.And perhaps also not so beautifully done, but the experience, the universal amount of challenge is there. It goes without saying pakistan was notably absent.Pakistan in step to the movement has banned facebook.And youtube likewise.Too bad they cannot seem to as easily and quickly and assuredly ban terrorists.Islamic terrorists.Islamic extremists, who think to follow mohammed.A dead man from long ago who claimed to communicate for a god.Like so regarding other ancient dead men. Remembering freedom of expressionwe celebrate freedom of expression.Freedom of question, escape of doubt, freedom of faith, dialog and sketch. Some people 'blaspheme' against all the old false gods and so called prophets.It's our right get.Nobody or no one religion should take it sound.Humanity you should definitely oppressed has been testing the gods forever, and will continue doing so. You have the right to believe that one thing, and to practice whatever you desire however you want, pandora charms:http://www.1pr.us/ as long as would not bring harm to others.We welcome you here in america and in other non arabic nations world-Wide.But appreciate this. We who are objecting to and fighting against this assault on free speech are largely the same people who will fight assaults on foreigners in america, who will combat dsicrimination against minorities, who will fight religious persecution just as we are, and which will fight for woman's rights.