The hesitant (click here) traveller the website Tuesday Cheap Tiffany Bracelets in chiang mai On tuesday we had another sneaky lie in and then headed into the centre for some breakfast.Then we got a taxi tuk-Tuk out to tiger kingdom.It was basically a small zoo dedicated to only tigers.U pay depending on what size of tiger u want to go and see so we opted for the cheaper small and big tigers(Couldnt splash out on the babies which were actually so cute! )They led us into an enclosure with some small tigers first.Vance was terrified lol!They just kind of roamed round u and some were laying down and u could take plenty of pictures with them.Sadly no chanel to be found.Then we treated ourselves to a good old large pizza from pizza hut.It was enjoyed majorly after some fairly dodgy meals in recent times.Headed then to this rooftop blues bar which was really good.There was a live band playing and cheap drinks so a good time was had.We ran into the english couple that hopped off in chiang mai with us so they joined us for a few.And that was the end of tuesday in chiang mai.